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Tomato pie

Tomato pie

Who hasn’t eaten a tomato pie? I believe this is the most iconic savory pie recipe of the summer and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a personal version of the tomato pie recipe. Mine consists of puff pastry, a thin layer of mustard, cherry tomatoes, diced Comté and pine nuts.

puff pastry tomato pie

How to make the famous tomato pie recipe?

To start, you need to choose the dough. And for that, it all depends on the result you want to obtain in terms of texture. By choosing a puff pastry, short crust or even, why not, brioche, you will of course not obtain the same result.

Then you will have to decide on how to garnish it. Traditionally, the dough is covered with a more or less thick layer of mustard. I remember having had to eat, when I was little, during family lunches, a tomato and mustard pie and I don’t keep an excellent memory of it.

Morality, unless you are madly fond of strong mustard, I advise you to take care in choosing this one. And, above all, to have a light hand when you spread it on your pie dough. Keep in mind that the goal is to make a tomato pie, not a mustard pie.

tomato pie recipe

You can use any variety of tomato for this savory pie recipe. This year, I took advantage of having a garden to make myself a vegetable garden and the tomatoes seem to like it, I don’t know what to do with them or how to eat them.

The advantage with tomatoes that you grow yourself compared to commercial ones, in addition to the cost price and the incomparable taste, is that they contain much less water. Their flesh is more fleshy, less juicy and this is an advantage when you want to cook tomatoes on a pastry because there is less risk that the latter will not cook badly because it is too wet with the fruit juice.

I chose to garnish my tomato pie with cherry tomatoes and marmande. I would have added beef hearts but they weren’t ripe when I made this recipe. If you have the opportunity to put this variety of tomato in your pie, do not hesitate, they are excellent.

For a little more indulgence, I added little cubes of Comté. You can completely do without it or replace it with any hard cheese you like: Emmental, Parmesan, sheep’s cheese, etc. France is the country of cheese, I’m sure you’ll find one as you like.

Because I had some and because it’s too good, I also sprinkled some pine nuts on my tomato pie before baking. This is of course not obligatory and there again the replacement options are numerous: pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, … the choice is not lacking.

Finally, for the little touch of color and also, and above all, for its taste which I can’t resist, I added a few basil leaves after cooking. I don’t think it’s necessary to tell you that here too, you can vary the aromatic herbs according to what you like.

The tomato and mustard tart is eaten warm, with a green salad, but it will also be delicious cold. Do not hesitate to prepare it in advance and take it to the garden or to the beach for a picnic, for example.

tomato pie recipe
Tomato Mustard Tart

Tomato Mustard Tart

Tomato pie recipe: puff pastry, mustard, Comté cheese and cherry tomatoes

Preparation time 15 min

Cooking time 40 min

Total time 55 min

type of dish Dish

Kitchen French

  • 1 puff pastry
  • 1 tablespoon fine mustard
  • QS fresh tomatoes
  • 80 g county
  • 1 teaspoon Pine nuts
  • QS basil leaves
  • Preheat the oven to 180°(th6) convection heat and lightly grease the inside of a 24cm diameter pie ring.

  • With the back of the tablespoon, or with a special kitchen brush, spread the mustard in a very thin layer.

  • Rinse the tomatoes, dry them and cut them into thin slices. Cherry tomatoes can be halved or left whole.
  • Cut the Comté cheese into small cubes and spread them over the tomato pie.

  • Sprinkle the pine nuts and bake for about 40 minutes.The cooking time may vary at home depending on the material of your pie pan and the power of your oven.
  • Remove from the oven, delicately remove the circles on the serving platter, spread the basil leaves and enjoy.

Tomato Mustard Tart



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